Adventures are a feature meant to supplement the expansions. These come with a smaller set of cards that can be unlocked and provide new strategies to explore. Each adventure is typically divided into wings, with a normal and heroic version. Bosses also provide challenges specific to classes.

Adventure wings can be purchased with real-world money ($6.99 per wing or $24.99 for all wings) or gold (700 per wing).

With the coming addition of game formats, players will only be able to purchase Adventures that are part of the current Standard format normally. Adventures that are not part of Standard will no longer be available for purchase. If players already own at least one wing of such an Adventure, they’ll have the option to unlock the remaining wings using in-game gold.[1]

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Patch changes Edit

  • IconHearthstone (Patch 6.0.0A “Restart” option has been added to make new attempts on Adventures missions more convenient.

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