In an effort to catch prowling and skulking creatures of all types, gnomes developed the alarm-o-bot. The small robot looks like a child’s toy with various wires and sensor arrays jutting out in all directions, enabling it to “see” in the dark. When it detects a living creature, or any sort of movement, it emits a high-pitched warning.

Alarm-o-Bot is a mech minion for use by any class. For the cost of 3 ManaCrystalIcon, it swaps places with a random minion in the summoning player's hand at the start of the turn after it is played.

Notes Edit

  • Note that the Alarm-o-bot's power will not trigger the battlecry of the card it is swapped with.
  • Buffs and debuffs are removed from the bot when returned to the hand.
  • If the player has no minions to swap with, nothing happens.

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Patch changes Edit

  • IconHearthstone (Patch 8.2.0Note: Alarm-o-Bots drawn by Far Sight no longer maintain their cost reduction when returned to your hand.
  • IconHearthstone (Patch Multiple mechanical minions have been upgraded to Mechs, unlocking additional synergy with other Goblins vs Gnome cards.