Alex Horley's artistic talent knows no boundaries. He has a solid foundation in traditional art with a superior eye for light, color, camera placement and composition. He is well known for his diverse visual range in regards to concept design, exceptional human and creature anatomy, ability to depict action, strong storytelling and sequence development skills. His distinctive compelling imagery leaps from the page and has earned him the reputation of one of today's top creative visionaries who is finding an ever-expanding audience.

Real name Alessandro Orlandelli, he was born in the small town of Opera in the outskirts of Milan Italy. His love for the fantastic came early while reading his favorite Marvel comics in the seventies. He started to try and draw them when he was in kindergarten and even taught himself the English language by reading comic books. Within those pages he studied stylings of such masters as Jack Kirby, Gil Kane, Gene Colan as well as John and Sal Buscema. Years later it would be the writings of Robert E. Howard which fueled his imagination and love of the fantasy genre. He then discovered the art of Frank Frazetta on the cover of the Conan the Destroyer comic series. He searched bookstores for more of his work and came across The Fantastic Art of Frank Frazetta Volumes 1-4. The very next day he purchased his very fist set and brushes and began to push paint around on the canvas.

After high school he went straight into Art College and was then accepted into the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts of Milan. During his first year he was invited to take an internship at the academy's museum "Gallery of Brera". Any free time he had was spent painting his own fantasy style illustrations and frequenting the local comic book stores. He began collecting Pulp publications, Vampirella, Creepy, Eerie as well as books on everyone from Caravaggio to Waterhouse. During this time he also discovered the works of Richard Corben and Simon Bisley. Next to Frazetta these two artists would be the strongest influences on him while developing his own skills as a painter.

After graduating from the academy, he created the name "Alex Horley" because he thought his real name would be too hard for potential editors to remember and felt it took up too much space when signing his name to his original works of art. He started his professional career right away creating covers for video game and role playing game magazines throughout the European Market... Read more on his official site!

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