• Halodalo


    May 4, 2018 by Halodalo

    hi I am Halodalo.

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  • Ygjohjasjfhwwwwff

    This blog lets you make up your own cards for Hearthstone, whether minion, spell, or weapon!

    If it's a minion, make sure to include its rarity, cost, health, attack, and special text (e.g. Taunt, Windfury, Enrages, etc.)

    If it's a spell, include its cost, rarity, and what it does, and if it has any special text (e.g. Overload: 1, Costs (1) less per..., etc.)

    If it's a weapon, include its cost, rarity, attack, durability, and special text (e.g. Overload: 1, Battlecries, Deathrattles, etc.)

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  • Raylan13

    BlizzCon 2017

    November 1, 2017 by Raylan13

    Check out coverage for other Blizzard games below!

    This year marks the 11th BlizzCon hosted by Blizzard Entertainment. This conference is the source of major news and announcements from the company, including new games, expansions, and other important content additions and updates.

    The Opening Ceremony serves as a teaser for things to come during the Con, with each game typically receiving a "what's next" as well as a "deep dive" with attached Q&A. The deep dive is a more in-depth look at particular upcoming features.

    Below is the schedule for upcoming content related to Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Check back at this blog during and after the listed times to find out what was covered, and be sure to check out the remainder of the wiki for u…

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  • CJwat11

    This is a simple ongoing list that shows off some bot players.

    For those who don't know, bot players use a third-party software to mass gold and progress on their profile. This is a clear violation of the Terms of Play. 

    Here's the list.

    Bot Players

    J100 (Battletag#1918)

    Beauregard (Battletag Unknown)

    Ojito662 (Battletag#1763)

    Obscuridad (Battletag Unknown)

    Kathorgen (Battletag Unknown)

    DarkEvil (Battletag Unknown)

    Rocco (Battletag Unknown)

    Jim (Battletag#14868)

    Papadalys (Battletag Unknown)

    TreeOnFire (Battletag Unknown)

    Well (Battletag Unknown)

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  • Yami Michael

    New cards that currently stubs.

    • Fandral Staghelm
    • Forbidden Ancient
    • Addled Grizzly
    • Feral Rage

    • Infested Wolf
    • Spider
    • Carrion Grub
    • On the Hunt
      • Mastiff
    • Fiery Bat

    • Anomalus
    • Cult Sorcerer
    • Shatter

    • Rallying Blade
    • Selfless Hero
    • A Light in the Darkness
    • Divine Strength

    • Twilight Darkmender
    • Power Word: Tentacles
    • Darkshire Alchemist
    • Hooded Acolyte

    • Blade of C'Thun
    • Journey Below
    • Southsea Squidface
    • Shadow Strike
    • Bladed Cultist

    • Eternal Sentinel
    • Evolve
    • Flamewreathed Faceless
    • Stormcrack
    • Primal Fusion

    • Darkshire Librarian
    • Forbidden Ritual
    • Usher of Souls
    • Darkshire Councilman

    • Malkorok
    • Bloodsail Cultist
    • Blood To Ichor
    • Bloodhoof Brave

    • Doomcaller
    • Twin Emperor Vek'lor
      • Twin Emperor Vek'nilash
    • Nat, the Darkfisher
    • Crazed Worshipper
    • Darkspeaker
    • Cyclopian Horror
    • Doomhorror
    • Corrupted Seer
    • Midnight Drake
    • Blackwater Pirate
    • Dis…

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  • Yami Michael

    What Changed
    Now only draws one card.
    Cost reduced from 6 to 5. Treants are permanent, but no longer have charge.
    Health reduced from 4 to 2.
    Cost increased from 2 to 3.
    Cost increased from 3 to 5.
    Cost increased from 0 to 1.
    Cost increased from 2 to 4. Only targets enemy minions.
    Attack reduced from 3 to 2.
    Attack reduced from 2 to 1.
    Health increased from 2 to 4. No longer has Charge.
    Cost increased from 20 to 25.
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  • FleetwoodPink2

    Current Legendaries

    October 24, 2015 by FleetwoodPink2

    The legendaries I currently own.

    Baron Riendare

    Feugen & Stalagg

    Harrison Jones

    Leeroy Jenkins


    Nexus Champion Saraad

    Emperor Thaurissan


    Sylvanas Windrunner

    Dr. Balanced (Dr. Boom)

    Rend Blackhand



    Myself (Ragnaros the Firelord)

    Shneed's Old Shredder


    Majordomo Executus

    • ahem... "him" (Nefarian)



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  • Raylan13
    How to dominate at Hearthstone
    Tips and tactics from pro players Kripp, Zalae, Karma and more.

    With more than 25 million registered players around the world playing Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, there's some serious competition out there. So we've rounded up the best of the best to explain how you can maximize your chances to rule. Tips, secrets and downright dirty play: learn it all from the masters.

    You'll need that knowledge to face­ off in the Hearthstone Pro­AM Tournament — an international competition, open to both professional and amateur players — for a share of the $25,000 prize pool! Check it out as it happens live on Wednesdays 8 AM-12 PM PDT.

    And remember, the Grand Finals are on May 30­-31, so get practici…

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  • Educatedcollins

    (Edit: It's been a while since I have updated the OP and what the stream is about. I hope it is still something people will want to watch.)

    Hello, I'm Educated_collins on twitch and I have created a Hearthstone Arena and Constructed Community through my stream. The goal of the community is two-fold. The first goal is to help other Hearthstone Players master Arena, (Which I coach FOR FREE REGULARLY on my stream). The second goal, the one I want to be doing all my life regardless of what my day job will be, is to create supportive communities/families that will help each other succeed and generate humans that create a positive environment no matter where they end up in the world.

    SO, to recap I'm an infinite arena player and I want to do some…

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  • Raylan13
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  • Raylan13

    BlizzCon 2014

    November 5, 2014 by Raylan13
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  • DoAEnvy

    Wikia Intentions

    May 12, 2014 by DoAEnvy

    To be updated.

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  • Raylan13

    Hearthstone is now live

    March 11, 2014 by Raylan13

    Press release:

    The tables are set and the tavern music is playing — Hearthstone is live for the Americas region!

    The Hearthstone beta is complete and we wanted to take a moment to thank all of our participants for their incredibly valuable feedback and support. If you haven’t had the chance to jump into the game, now is the perfect time to check out the fast-paced strategy card game that’s fun for everyone. If you’re new to Hearthstone, getting started is simple: just click on the “Play Free Now” button above. Once your download is finished, fire it up and click on the Hearthstone icon. Install Hearthstone, then hit the “Play” button and you’ll be on your way.

    As soon as you jump in you’ll challenge iconic Warcraft characters, including the f…

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  • Pseudobread

    Matt and I will be streaming Hearthstone today, February, 12th from 3:00-4:00pm PST on the Wikia Live Ustream. Both of us are pretty mediocre when it comes to card games, but we liked what we've seen quite a bit -- if you can provide some pointers for us during the stream in the chat, it would be much appreciated!

    Add pseudobread#1472 if you'd like to play with us!

    See you there!

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  • Raylan13

    Open Beta

    January 22, 2014 by Raylan13

    At long last the open beta for Hearthstone has begun! For the longest time many players were kept outside the ring looking in, but no longer - head on over to the official site to begin downloading.

    You're just minutes away from blasting away your foes as a Mage, summoning beasts as a Hunter, or popping your Paladin bubble! Sad to say, Paladins won't be able to hearth their way out of dangerous situations.

    With multiple play modes, including the ability to practice against two types of AI, you'll be collecting cards in no time. Keep them or disenchant them to craft more powerful cards - it's entirely up to you!

    While the open beta is not considered the release version - there will still be changes made based on observations and feedback - Bli…

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  • Raylan13

    BlizzCon Questions

    November 5, 2013 by Raylan13

    With BlizzCon fast approaching, we're interested in any questions players might have about Hearthstone. We'll have some interview time with the powers that be for the game, so if there's anything you've been wanting to ask, something you're wondering about, or even some constructive criticism, we'll be happy to pass it along.

    Feel free to post your questions here and, come interview time, we'll pull from them and post the responses by Sunday.

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  • RaceLord

    I Got The Beta!

    October 8, 2013 by RaceLord

    I just got my Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Beta Key!

    In a few hours i'm going to start playing and having fun!

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  • Raylan13

    News Roundup 5/24

    May 24, 2013 by Raylan13

    No, no beta yet! Blizzard hasn't released a huge deal of information at this time, though there is a new game board they unveiled this week - Stranglethorn Vale:

    There's also a new face on the Hearthstone forums!

    Edge also has an online write up of their experiences with the game during very early alpha play. It proves very promising:

    Both the early iPad build shown behind closed doors at PAX and the PC version playable on the show floor have a tactile quality to them, meaning everything looks, sounds and feels like it has weight. Cards aren’t just played, they’re slammed down, kicking up little dust clouds as they land. Send a card out to attack another and it moves towards its target, pausing above it for a split second before lunging in to…

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  • Raylan13

    Game App

    May 15, 2013 by Raylan13

    Though the opening of beta is still a little bit off, we took some initiative over here to prep our mobile Gaming app. You'll notice a slight change in how the pages are presented, and there have been some modifications to categories to allow for better flow.

    The mobile app is a great way for gamers to access our content without having to leave their game, or as a way to peruse the cards while on the go. More information about the free app can be found here.

    We'll continue to look for new information and present it as it becomes available!

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  • Raylan13

    Cards update

    April 27, 2013 by Raylan13

    We've recently updated our card database with screenshots taken from the most recent video!

    Here's the full list of those that have been updated! Those with a (N) next to them are ones that are new to the database:

    • Armor Up! (N)

    • Big Game Hunter
    • Cairne Bloodhoof
    • Cruel Taskmaster
    • Guardian of Kings (N)
    • Harvest Golem (N)
    • Imp Master (N)
    • Leeroy Jenkins (N)
    • King Mukla (N)
    • Knife Juggler
    • Kor'kron Elite
    • Secretkeeper (N)
    • Shieldbearer

    • Battle Rage
    • Blessing of Wisdom (N)
    • Brawl
    • Inner Rage
    • Noble Sacrifice (N)
    • Rampage
    • Repentance (N)
    • Slam (N)

    • Arcanite Reaper
    • Light's Justice (N)
    • Sword of Justice (N)
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  • Raylan13

    Introducing Hearthstone

    March 24, 2013 by Raylan13

    Blizzard Entertainment released their newest endeavor recently at PAX East: Hearthstone, the free-to-play online card game!

    Players will be able to battle head to head against the AI, random opponents, or even their friends. A variety of heroes can be chosen, from Jaina Proudmoore to Garrosh Hellscream, all corresponding with the players' favorite classes. Pair your heroes with devastating abilities, terrible weapons, and fearsome minions to dominate the gameboard - boards emulating the appearance of Orgrimmar or Stormwind!

    A handful of game modes will allow players to learn at their own pace, challenge friends and foes, and delve into the practice of deck-building. Additional decks and cards can be acquired via these modes, throu…

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