Classic Priest is a Deck Recipe for the priest class. Are you a healer? With this deck of solid Basic and Classic cards, keep your minions alive as they fight for you!

Deck Edit

Minions Edit

Source Name (hover) Number
Priest icon Priest Auchenai Soulpriest 2
Priest icon Priest Cabal Shadow Priest 1
Chillwind Yeti 2
Earthen Ring Farseer 2
Injured Blademaster 2
Priest icon Priest Lightspawn 1
Priest icon Priest Northshire Cleric 2
Priest icon Priest Prophet Velen 1
Sen'jin Shieldmasta 2
Priest icon Priest Temple Enforcer 2
Wild Pyromancer 2

Spells Edit

Source Name (hover) Number
Priest icon Priest Circle of Healing 2
Priest icon Priest Holy Nova 2
Priest icon Priest Mind Control 1
Priest icon Priest Power Word: Shield 2
Priest icon Priest Shadow Word: Death 2
Priest icon Priest Thoughtsteal 2

Weapons Edit

This deck recipe requires no weapons.
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