Tavern Brawl pic This card is part of Tavern Brawl.

Dark Wanderer is the boss players face in The Dark Wanderer Tavern Brawl. It was part of the 20th Anniversary event for Diablo.

Dark Wanderer starts the game with any three of the below secrets already in play. Triggering all three during the course of the game will unlock a second "phase", where players encounter The Cow King.

Secrets Edit

Deck Edit

Note: All cards are x1 unless otherwise noted.


Other cards Edit

There is a chance for any of these three cards to appear whenever a minion is killed on either side of the board:

Cow Level Edit

Once the Dark Wanderer's three secrets are revealed, the following immediately occurs:

  • Enigmatic Portal is summoned on the Dark Wanderer's side of the board.
  • The Enigmatic Portal summons Twisting Nether? followed by The Portal Opens.
  • The Dark Wanderer is replaced with The Cow King; however, if players manage to steal Enigmatic Portal, their hero will become The Cow King.

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