The next time a creature affected by Divine Shield would take damage, ignore it. This effect can be negated by using silence. Divine Shield is a common theme for Paladin. Blood Knight destroys Divine Shields and gains power. Bolvar, Fireblood and Light's Sorrow gain power when a Divine Shield is lost. Rallying Blade empowers minions that have a Divine Shield. Steward of Darkshire gives a Divine Shield to 1 health minions. Howling Commander draws a minion with Divine Shield from the deck.

  • Cards that instantly kill other cards can bypass the shield.

Below is a list of all cards with the divine shield mechanic.

Note: For the purposes of this list, only collectible cards are listed.

Core set Edit

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Goblins vs. Gnomes Edit


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The Grand Tournament Edit


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Journey to Un'Goro Edit

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Knights of the Frozen Throne Edit

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Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Edit


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Whispers of the Old Gods Edit

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