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ManaCrystalIcon Mana Crystals: 9
Card Types: Minion
Deck: Expert
Race: Dragon
Abilities: At the end of your turn, draw a Dream Card.
Attack value back Attack: 4
 Health value back Health: 12
Rarity: Legendary Hearthstone card legendary
ArcaneDustIcon Disenchant: 400
ArcaneDustIcon Create: 1600
ArcaneDustIcon Gold Disenchant: 1600
ArcaneDustIcon Gold Create: 3200
Artist: Gabor Szikszai

Ysera is green, and her skin glitters with countless emeralds for scales. Her physical form is ghostly, ethereal, like watching a living dream or vision. The Emerald Dream is a place where all living beings dream when sleeping. It is a place where sentient beings have dreams of hope, and faith for a better tomorrow. From the Emerald Dream, Ysera can observe all lesser races. Her eyes are always closed, although you can see her pupils move constantly below her eyelids as if watching many dreams at once.

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