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Elemental is a race of Minion introduced with the Journey to Un'Goro expansion. When elementals are played, their latent energy sticks around and other elementals can make use of it on the following turn. Many Elementals in Journey to Un’goro get a bonus effect if an elemental was played on the previous turn. Elementals in-hand will light up with a unique glow when this bonus is active.

They are primarily for the shaman and mage class because those are the classes that traditionally use elemental magic and summon things like Water Elementals and Fire Elementals. However, there are a bunch of elementals in neutral and the other classes, so everyone can dabble in elementals if they want to.

With Journey to Un'Goro, a number of older cards were converted into the elemental race, reflected below.

Cards Edit

Set Name (hover) Cost Ability Note
UGSmall Air Elemental ManaCrystalIcon Immune to spells and Hero Powers Shaman icon Shaman
Shaman icon Shaman Al'Akir the Windlord ManaCrystalIcon Windfury
Divine Shield
OldGodsSmall Anomalus ManaCrystalIcon Deathrattle
Mage icon Mage
KaraSmall Arcane Anomaly ManaCrystalIcon Plus Health
HSIcon Baron Geddon ManaCrystalIcon Multi-Damage
UGSmall Blazecaller ManaCrystalIcon Battlecry
GadgetSmall Crystal ManaCrystalIcon Priest icon Priest
via Mana Geode
UGSmall Crystalline Oracle ManaCrystalIcon Deathrattle
Copy card
Priest icon Priest
LOESmall Djinni of Zephyrs ManaCrystalIcon Copy spell
Shaman icon Shaman Dust Devil ManaCrystalIcon Windfury
Shaman icon Shaman Earth Elemental ManaCrystalIcon Taunt
Shaman icon Shaman Fire Elemental ManaCrystalIcon Battlecry
UGSmall Fire Fly ManaCrystalIcon Battlecry
Add card to hand
Flame Elemental
UGSmall Fire Plume Harbinger ManaCrystalIcon Battlecry Shaman icon Shaman
UGSmall Fire Plume Phoenix ManaCrystalIcon Battlecry
BRMSmall Fireguard Destroyer ManaCrystalIcon Battlecry
Plus Attack
Shaman icon Shaman
UGSmall Flame Elemental ManaCrystalIcon via Fire Fly
via Flame Geyser
via Igneous Elemental
HSIcon Flame of Azzinoth ManaCrystalIcon via Illidan Stormrage
HSIcon Frost Elemental ManaCrystalIcon Battlecry
UGSmall Frozen Crusher ManaCrystalIcon Freeze
UGSmall Glacial Shard ManaCrystalIcon Battlecry
FTSmall Grave Shambler ManaCrystalIcon Plus Attack/Health dependent on weapon
OldGodsSmall Hallazeal the Ascended ManaCrystalIcon Restore Hero health Shaman icon Shaman
UGSmall Hot Spring Guardian ManaCrystalIcon Taunt
Shaman icon Shaman
TGTSmall Ice Rager ManaCrystalIcon
FTSmall Ice Walker ManaCrystalIcon Adds Freeze to Hero Power Mage icon Mage
UGSmall Igneous Elemental ManaCrystalIcon Deathrattle
Add card to hand
Flame Elemental
GadgetSmall Jade Spirit ManaCrystalIcon Battlecry
Druid icon Druid
Rogue icon Rogue
Shaman icon Shaman
Jade Golem
UGSmall Kalimos, Primal Lord ManaCrystalIcon Battlecry Shaman icon Shaman
Elemental Invocation
Priest icon Priest Lightspawn ManaCrystalIcon
UGSmall Lyra the Sunshard ManaCrystalIcon Add card to hand Priest icon Priest
HSIcon Magma Rager ManaCrystalIcon
GadgetSmall Mana Geode ManaCrystalIcon Summon Priest icon Priest
GVGSmall Neptulon ManaCrystalIcon Battlecry
Shaman icon Shaman
UGSmall Ozruk ManaCrystalIcon Taunt
Plus Health
UGSmall Pyros ManaCrystalIcon Deathrattle Mage icon Mage
Pyros 6/6
Pyros 10/10
UGSmall Radiant Elemental ManaCrystalIcon Priest icon Priest
OldGodsSmall Ragnaros, Lightlord ManaCrystalIcon Restore Paladin icon Paladin
HSIcon Ragnaros the Firelord ManaCrystalIcon Damage
UGSmall Rock Elemental ManaCrystalIcon Taunt Shaman icon Shaman
via Stone Sentinel
LOESmall Rumbling Elemental ManaCrystalIcon Damage Shaman icon Shaman
UGSmall Servant of Kalimos ManaCrystalIcon Battlecry
UGSmall Shimmering Tempest ManaCrystalIcon Deathrattle
Add card to hand
Mage icon Mage
FTSmall Snowfury Giant 11 ManaCrystalIcon Shaman icon Shaman
UGSmall Steam Surger ManaCrystalIcon Battlecry
Add card to hand
Mage icon Mage
Flame Geyser
UGSmall Stone Elemental ManaCrystalIcon Shaman icon Shaman
via Invocation of Earth (Kalimos, Primal Lord)
UGSmall Stone Sentinel ManaCrystalIcon Battlecry
Shaman icon Shaman
Rock Elemental
UGSmall Stormwatcher ManaCrystalIcon Windfury
UGSmall Tar Creeper ManaCrystalIcon Taunt
Plus Attack
UGSmall Tar Lord ManaCrystalIcon Taunt
Plus Attack
Warrior icon Warrior
UGSmall Tar Lurker ManaCrystalIcon Taunt
Plus Attack
Warlock icon Warlock
Shaman icon Shaman Unbound Elemental ManaCrystalIcon Plus Attack
Plus Health
Mage icon Mage Water Elemental ManaCrystalIcon Freeze also via Frost Lich Jaina
also via Icy Touch
UGSmall Volatile Elemental ManaCrystalIcon Deathrattle

Support cards Edit

Set Name (hover) Cost Ability Note
UGSmall Flame Geyser ManaCrystalIcon Deal 2 damage. Add a 1/2 Elemental to your hand. Mage icon Mage
Flame Elemental
FTSmall Frost Lich Jaina ManaCrystalIcon Battlecry: Summon a 3/6 Water Elemental. Your Elementals have Lifesteal for the rest of the game. Mage icon Mage
UGSmall Invocation of Earth ManaCrystalIcon Fill your board with 1/1 Elementals. Shaman icon Shaman
Stone Elemental
via Kalimos, Primal Lord
UGSmall Stone Sentinel ManaCrystalIcon Battlecry: If you played an Elemental last turn, summon two 2/3 Elementals with Taunt. Shaman icon Shaman
Rock Elemental

Complementary cards Edit

Set Name (hover) Cost Ability Note
UGSmall Ozruk ManaCrystalIcon Taunt. Battlecry: Gain +5 Health for each Elemental you played last turn.
UGSmall Servant of Kalimos ManaCrystalIcon Battlecry: If you played an Elemental last turn, Discover an Elemental.
UGSmall Thunder Lizard ManaCrystalIcon Battlecry: If you played an Elemental last turn, Adapt.
UGSmall Tol'vir Stoneshaper ManaCrystalIcon Battlecry: If you played an Elemental last turn, gain Taunt and Divine Shield.

Patch changes Edit

  • IconHearthstone (Patch The following minions are now Elementals: Jade Spirit, Djinni of Zephyrs, Flame of Azzinoth, Mana Geode, and Hallazeal the Ascended.


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