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Magics involving the cardinal elements of the universe are favorites of the Mages. The Fireball is launched from the palms of the Mage and streaks like a comet blazing across the battlefield - slamming its fiery bulk into whatever stands in its path.

Fireball is a spell for the mage class. For the cost of 4 ManaCrystalIcon, it deals medium damage to a target.

Deck Recipe Edit

Notes Edit

  • Mages start with this card.
  • The golden version of this card is obtained at level 44 with the mage.
  • Copies of this card can also be summoned when using Archmage Antonidas.
  • In the introductory tutorial, Illidan Stormrage has three of these in his deck.
  • In the introductory tutorial, Millhouse Manastorm has two of these in his deck, playing one each on his fifth and sixth turns.

Images Edit

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