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Golden cards are special versions of cards and heroes. Golden versions of regular cards may be acquired a variety of ways: crafting, in card packs, and by obtaining a certain level with certain class.

Golden version of heroes are obtained when you hit 500 wins in Ranked Play mode with any given Hero. Golden Heroes gain cool, unique animations to their portrait and Hero Power. The player's progress towards 500 wins is tracked under each character's portrait on the deck selection screen in Ranked Play mode. Progress is only visible if the player has won at least one game with the selected hero.

Crafting Edit

Golden cards that can be disenchanted are worth 10 times the amount of dust than regular versions. Unfortunately, many of the golden cards that most players get will be basic versions that can't be disenchanted, so only have aesthetic value over the regular versions.

Players can also craft golden versions of regular cards; like disenchanting, they cost 10 times more to create than regular versions.

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Patch changes Edit

  • IconHearthstone (Patch Golden Priest, Rogue, and Neutral cards are now easier to tell apart.; Golden Hero Powers are now displayed correctly in the Arena.

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