Hemet Nesingwary is the fifth boss players face in the introductory tutorial.

Deck Edit

Notable dialogue Edit

  • Aren't you a pretty lass?
  • Eh? Nobody talks to ol' Hemet like that!
  • Ha! I go first!
  • You'll need it!
  • Yer probably used to fightin' against minions.
  • A beast! I will make a trophy of it!
  • I'll skin that beast! I need a new scarf.
  • Aye, thanks fer bringin' me a wee snack!
  • Ahh, the hunt!
  • That's no fair!
  • Ah! Come on!
  • Maybe I should go back to writing.
  • This reminds me of the time I was stalking the great tiger Bangalash.
  • Have you read me book, The Green Hills of Stranglethorn?
  • This would never have happened back in Stranglethorn!
  • But you're just a wee scrap of a girl!
  • Bow down before mah HUGE bog creature!
  • Shotgun!

Images Edit

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