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Hero Power is the special ability afforded to each hero. They each have a standard cost of 2 Mana Crystals.

Players can use their hero power once per turn. Those with TGTSmall require Justicar Trueheart to be played first.

List of Hero PowersEdit

Class Base Hero Power Justicar Trueheart Death Knight Other
Warrior icon Warrior: Armor Up! Tank Up! TGTSmall Bladestorm FTSmall
Rogue icon Rogue: Dagger Mastery Poisoned Daggers TGTSmall Death's Shadow FTSmall
Mage icon Mage: Fireblast Fireblast Rank 2 TGTSmall Icy Touch FTSmall
Priest icon Priest: Lesser Heal Heal TGTSmall Voidform FTSmall Mind Spike and Mind Shatter via Shadowform
Warlock icon Warlock: Life Tap Soul Tap TGTSmall Siphon Life FTSmall INFERNO! via Lord Jaraxxus
Paladin icon Paladin: Reinforce The Silver Hand TGTSmall The Four Horsemen FTSmall
Druid icon Druid: Shapeshift Dire Shapeshift TGTSmall Plague Lord FTSmall
Hunter icon Hunter: Steady Shot Ballista Shot TGTSmall Build-a-Beast FTSmall Dinomancy UGSmall
Shaman icon Shaman: Totemic Call Totemic Slam TGTSmall Transmute Spirit FTSmall Lightning Jolt TGTSmall via Charged Hammer

Support cards Edit

Set Name (hover) Cost Ability
GadgetSmall Auctionmaster Beardo ManaCrystalIcon After you cast a spell, refresh your Hero Power.
Mage icon Mage
Coldarra Drake ManaCrystalIcon You can use your Hero Power any number of times.
Mage icon Mage
Fallen Hero ManaCrystalIcon Your Hero Power deals 1 extra damage.
TGTSmall Garrison Commander ManaCrystalIcon You can use your Hero Power twice on your turn.
Mage icon Mage
Ice Walker ManaCrystalIcon Your Hero Power also Freezes the target.
TGTSmall Justicar Trueheart ManaCrystalIcon Battlecry: Replace your starting Hero Power with a better one.
TGTSmall Maiden of the Lake ManaCrystalIcon Your Hero Power costs (1).
Rogue icon Rogue
Poisoned Blade ManaCrystalIcon Your Hero Power gives this weapon +1 attack instead of replacing it.
Priest icon Priest
Raza the Chained ManaCrystalIcon Battlecry: If your deck has no duplicates, your Hero Power costs (0) this game.

Complementary cards Edit

See also Cards with Inspire
Set Name (hover) Cost Ability
TGTSmall Frost Giant 10 ManaCrystalIcon Costs (1) less for each time you used your Hero Power this game.
Warlock icon WarlockTGTSmall Wilfred Fizzlebang ManaCrystalIcon Cards you draw using your Hero Power have their Mana Cost reduced to 0.

Game modes
AdventureArenaPracticePlay ModeRankedTavern Brawl
Competitive Game modes
Last Hero StandingConquest

Curse of NaxxramasBlackrock MountainThe League of ExplorersOne Night in Karazhan

Game Expansions
Goblins vs GnomesThe Grand TournamentJourney to Un'GoroKnights of the Frozen ThroneMean Streets of GadgetzanWhispers of the Old Gods

Card Types
MinionSpell (QuestSecret) ● Weapon

Classes / Heroes
Druid / MalfurionHunter / Rexxar / AlleriaMage / Jaina / Khadgar / Medivh
Paladin / Uther / LiadrinPriest / AnduinRogue / Valeera
Shaman / ThrallWarlock / Gul'danWarrior / Garrosh / Magni

Gameplay Details
AbilitiesArmorAttackCollection ManagerDeckDurabilityHealthMana Crystal

Other Details
Card BackExpert PackDeck typesDeck RecipeGame boardsGolden card


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