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Ironbark Protector

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This card is attained by achieving level ten with the Druid.
The gold version of this card is attained by achieving level 48 with the Druid.

Ironbark Protector
ManaCrystalIcon Mana Crystals: 8
Class: Druid icon Druid
Card Types: Minion
Deck: Basic
Abilities: Taunt
Attack value back Attack: 8
 Health value back Health: 8
Rarity: Free
ArcaneDustIcon Disenchant: N/A
ArcaneDustIcon Create: N/A
ArcaneDustIcon Gold Disenchant: N/A
ArcaneDustIcon Gold Create: N/A
Flavor Text: I dare you to attack Darnassus.
Artist: Dave Allsop

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