Just a Hallucination
Initial launch: June 7, 2017
These aren’t my beautiful cards, this is not my beautiful deck! Your deck’s overflowing with Hallucinations, go see how the other side plays.

Just A Hallucination is a Tavern Brawl wherein players are given not only their class's cards, but also Hallucinations that allow them to discover cards from their opponent's class.

Rules Edit

  • Players may choose whatever class they wish to play with.
  • Each player is provided a deck from their chosen class.
    • The deck has class cards and Hallucinations.
  • Players start the game with 3 ManaCrystalIcon or 2 ManaCrystalIcon plus The Coin.

Reward Edit

The reward from winning a single game in this Tavern Brawl is a classic pack.

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