As Arthas and Jaina Proudmoore were investigating rumors of plague, they were attacked again and again by the forces of the Scourge posing as the personal army of the dreadlord Mal'Ganis. Each attack, each town destroyed hit at Arthas' weakness, his pride. Arthas began to take his inability to protect his people from the Scourge personally, and soon became obsessed with killing the dreadlord.

Mal'Ganis is a demon minion for the warlock class. For the cost of 9 ManaCrystalIcon, this 9/7 minion with grant immunity to your hero, as well granted increased health and attack to all other friendly demon minions.

Notable dialogue Edit

  • I am Mal'Ganis! I am eternal! (played)
  • Tiny mortal. (attacking)

Notes Edit

  • It is helpful to note that cards that targeted damage against the enemy hero have no effect; this includes the warlock's Hero Power, Life Tap, and cards that damage the warlock when played, such as Flame Imp.
  • The warlock hero will not incur fatigue damage while under the immunity effect.
  • If an enemy hero copies the card (s)he also gains the immunity effect.
  • If both players somehow have Mal'Ganis in play and there is no way to destroy either, the game ends in a draw at the 50th turn.