While the Arcatraz is a place of imprisonment for dangerous beings the Naaru encountered, Millhouse, in fact, was merely a victim of circumstance - a stowaway who was in the wrong Naaru vessel at the wrong time. It is unknown how he actually got to a Naaru vessel but it's quite possible that his curiosity over the mysterious Naaru and his knowledge of the Arcane played a major part in his entry.

Millhouse Manastorm is the second boss players face in the introductory tutorial.

Deck Edit

Cards are shown in order of play

Notable dialogue Edit

  • Bwa? I wanted to go first!
  • Jaina... prepare to face the mighty Millhouse Manastorm!
  • What kind of minion is that? A murloc? Bahahahaha!
  • Oh! Oh! This card is incredible!
  • Just you wait until I get some more mana!
  • Jaina, I hope you like DOOOOOOM!
  • Another Mana! Here it comes!
  • You know what this feels like?
  • WINNING! Duh!
  • Yeaaach! Watch the mustache!
  • You're gonna love this!
  • Just you wait until I have 10 mana!
  • Hurry! I can't wait to play this card!
  • C'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon!
  • Stop attacking me! I'm trying to win this game!
  • You'll be hearing from my lawyers!

Images Edit

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