Tavern Brawl pic This card is part of Tavern Brawl.

Party Armory is the "weapon" equipped by the City of Stormwind during the Decorating Stormwind Tavern Brawl. For the cost of 1 ManaCrystalIcon, it comes with no attack and minimal durability, with the ability to increase its attack over time.

Notes Edit

  • Rather than using the weapon to attack, it is used to buff the stats of the summoned partygoers, Happy Partygoer (buffs health) and Ornery Partygoer (buffs attack and health).
  • Though it starts with no attack, the attack increases every other round, with the first increase happening on turn three.
    • If Party Armory is destroyed, it will be resummoned at the end of the next turn. Though its stats will be reset, it employs a "catch-up" mechanic to quickly buff itself back to its former maximum stats. Once accomplished, it buffs at the normal rate.
    • Acidic Swamp Ooze doesn't appear to work against this.

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