Tavern Brawl pic This card is part of Tavern Brawl.

Piñata Golem is the "boss" during the second phase of the A Mammoth of a New Year Tavern Brawl. It alternates each turn which side of the board it appears on. Though it has moderate attack, it doesn't go on the offensive at any time.

The Golem cannot be targeted by spells. If switching to a side of the board that is full of minions, it will wipe that side of the board before transferring over. Periodically, and seemingly at random, it will perform an area-of-effect attack that deals a low amount of damage to all minions on the board, with the exception of the Party Crashers.

When attacked via Pelt, it will sometimes "drop" cards for the players, depositing them in their hands:

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