Practice mode is one of the four game modes offered in Hearthstone.

In this mode, players can hone their abilities and test out new deck ideas against A.I. opponents of basic or expert skill levels, and unlock new playable heroes in the process. Expert skill setting is only available after all the heroes are unlocked.

Heroes may only level until 10 in this mode.

Gameplay Edit

  • Coin toss determines who plays first. The loser gets to draw an extra card.
  • Players may then choose which of the drawn cards they wish to keep. A green outline indicates a confirmation, while a red "X" will be placed over those needing to be replaced.
  • Draw replacements and/or confirm to start the match.

Patch changes Edit

  • IconHearthstone (Patch Practice Mode is now entered through the Solo Adventures button on the main menu.; The AI in Practice Mode is now better at Hearthstone.
  • IconHearthstone (Patch Reconnect functionality has been enabled for Practice Mode.

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