Primordial Blessings is a Deck Recipe for paladins. Who really wants small minions? Make them mighty and dinosized! Cast spells on your small minions to power the crystals and unleash the mighty Galvadon.

Deck Edit

Minions Edit

Source Name (hover) Number
Argent Squire 2
UGSmall Devilsaur Egg 2
UGSmall Hydrologist 2
Mana Addict 1
UGSmall Primalfin Champion 2
UGSmall The Voraxx 1
OldGodsSmall Yogg-Saron, Hope's End 1

Spells Edit

Source Name (hover) Number
UGSmall Adaptation 2
Paladin icon Paladin Blessing of Kings 1
Paladin icon Paladin Blessing of Might 2
Paladin icon Paladin Blessing of Wisdom 2
UGSmall Dinosize 1
Paladin icon Paladin Divine Favor 2
OldGodsSmall Divine Strength 2
Paladin icon Paladin Hand of Protection 2
Paladin icon Paladin Humility 2
UGSmall The Last Kaleidosaur 1

Weapons Edit

Source Name (hover) Number
Paladin icon Paladin Truesilver Champion 2
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