The Quest Log is where players can track of their quests, total wins, current rank, highest Arena key, and class levels.

Daily quests are progressive goals that will award the player Gold upon completion. A random quest is automatically unlocked daily. Most quests can only be completed in Play mode or The Arena. Only three quests may be active at once.

Re-Rolling a quest can be done once per day by clicking the [X] button at the top right. The old quest progress is lost, but a new one instantly replaces it. It is suggested that all the 40 Gold quests should be re-rolled as soon as players get them because the reward is already the lowest possible.


40 gold Edit

  • 3 Victories!: Win 3 games with any class.
    • Note that this Quest is not the standard 10 Gold reward for three wins in Play mode but both can be completed simultaneously.
  • (Class): Play 30 (Class) cards.
    • Note that there are one of these for each class.
  • (Class) Victory: Win 2 games with (class).
    • Note that there are one of these for each class.
  • (Class) or (Class) Victory: Win 2 games with (class) or (class).
    • Note that there are 72 combinations of classes that can be included in this daily quest.
  • Beat Down: Deal 100 damage to enemy heroes. (Play mode or The Arena)
  • Destroy them All: Destroy 40 minions. (Play mode or The Arena)
  • Only the Mighty: Play 20 minions that cost 5 ManaCrystalIcon or more. (Play mode or The Arena)
  • Spell Master: Cast 40 spells. (Play mode or The Arena)
  • The Meek Shall Inherit: Play 30 minions that cost 2 ManaCrystalIcon or less. (Play mode or The Arena)

50 gold Edit

  • Beyond the Dark Portal: Play 15 Demons.
  • Combo Meal: Play 10 Combo cards.
  • Death to the Living!: Play 20 Deathrattle minions.
  • Elemental Overload: Play 15 Overload cards.
  • For Azeroth!: Play 30 Battlecry minions.
  • Inspiring: Use your Hero Power 30 times.
  • It’s a Secret to Everyone: Play 10 Secrets.
  • Mrgrgrglrr: Play 30 Murlocs.
  • Overpowered: Play 10 cards that cost 8 ManaCrystalIcon or more.
  • Rampage: Play 10 Enrage minions.
  • Stable Master: Play 20 Beasts.
  • Swashbuckler: Play 10 Pirates.
  • Tiny Bubbles Make Me Happy: Play 10 Divine Shield minions.
  • Weaponmaster: Play 10 Weapons.
  • You Shall Not Pass!: Play 20 Taunt minions.

60 gold Edit

  • (Class) or (Class) Dominance: Win 5 games with (class) or (class).
    • Note that there are 72 combinations of classes that can be included in this daily quest.
    • This daily quest can only be completed in Play mode or The Arena.
  • (Class) Mastery: Play 50 (Class) cards.
    • Note that there are one of these for each class.

100 gold Edit

  • Cry Havoc: Play 75 Battlecry minions.
  • Got the Basics!: Collect every card in the Basic Set. (hidden quest)
    • AKA: Get all Classes to level 10.
  • Murlocalypse: Play 75 Murlocs.
  • Ready to Go!: Unlock every Hero. (hidden quest)
  • The Duelist: Play 3 games in Play mode. (New players only)
    • Unlocked when the First Blood Quest completes. (see Card packs section below)
  • Total Dominance: Win 7 games in any mode.

300 gold Edit

  • Chicken Dinner: Win 100 games in any mode. (hidden quest)

Card packs Edit

  • First Blood: Complete a game in Play Mode. (New players only)
    • Unlocked the first time the player opens Play mode.
  • iPack: Play a game on an iPad. (hidden quest)
  • Level Up: Get any class to level 10. (New players only)
    • Unlocked when the player unlocks their second class.

Removed Edit

Patch changes Edit

  • IconHearthstone (Patch 8.2.0Note: Most quests can now be completed during Friendly Challenges with players on your Friends list.
  • IconHearthstone (Patch Fixed an issue where the quest Level Up! is completed upon reaching a total level of 10 instead of level 10 on one Hero.

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