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Ranked Play makes the path to move up in the rankings more transparent and gives top-level players more ways to differentiate themselves from each other.

In this mode, players can duel other players to increase their medal ranking by clicking on the ranked icon in the top corner, which will switch from "Casual" to "Ranked" Play. All players first stepping foot into Ranked play mode will start at Rank 25: Angry chicken. In Ranked play you'll be pitted against opponents of equal to or as close to your rank as possible. Every time you find yourself victorious against your opponent, you'll gain a star above your medal. Collect enough stars and you'll eventually advance to the next rank. Win streaks will increase the pace at which you gain stars and at Rank 20 every loss will cause the loss of a star. You can no longer benefit from the Win streak bonus at Rank 5 through Rank 1, so every match will really count in the higher rankings.

  • Players will be matched against players of similar rank
  • Win a game, acquire a star!
  • Acquire enough stars and you’ll rank up!
  • Each rank has its own icon and medal
  • Win streaks (3 consecutive wins) will give 1 additional star (only applicable up to rank 5)
  • At rank 20 or better, you'll lose a star if you lose a game
  • You can lose a rank by losing a star when you had none left at the current rank, but this can't drop you below rank 20

Seasons Edit

You’ll receive bonus stars at the start of each season based on your performance from the previous season. This way, players that have progressed far into any given Ranked Play season will not be challenging those potentially new to the game or stomping all over players who are trying Ranked Play for the first time.

You’ll receive one bonus star for each rank you achieved in the previous season. For example, if you attained Legend, Innkeeper (Rank 1), or Black Knight (Rank 2) rank in any given season, at the start of the next season you would start off at Questing Adventurer (Rank 16) rather than Angry Chicken (Rank 25).

Medals Edit

Legend Edit

Beyond Rank 1 is a special rank: Legend.

  • Once you hit the Legend rank, it cannot be lost until the season ends.
  • Legend rank will have a big number in the middle of the icon – this tells you your exact rank in your region!

Special card backs Edit

  • Card backs are acquired by being in rank 20 or better when a season ends.
  • Each month holds a new card back that can be added to your collection.
  • When you achieve Legend rank you also get a special card back.

Golden Heroes Edit

After you have won 500 Ranked games with a specific class, you unlock the animated golden hero for that class. Whenever you play that class, it’ll automatically be the golden version of the class rather than the regular one. Each Golden hero has its own special animations, just like the other Golden cards. Players can check their progress towards 500 wins on the deck selection screen in Ranked Play mode by selecting the Hero they wish to check.

Patch changes Edit

  • IconHearthstone (Patch During each Ranked Season change, players may now start the new season at a rank higher than the default Angry Chicken rank, depending on the rank that was obtained at the end of the previous season. You’ll receive one bonus star for every rank you achieved in the previous season.; The Angry Chicken rank now starts with 0 stars, instead of 1. Bawk!?

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