Unusual fortune struck Raymond Swanland just as he started his professional life when he was introduced to a fledgling video game company called Oddworld Inhabitants. After that, nothing would be the same. Working with and learning from such talented and disciplined artists made him realize the real potential of art in what he came to see as its highest form - Art as storytelling.

Over the next eight years, he worked on all four video games under the Oddworld name in any artistic capacity he could weasel my way into. From conceptual design to cinematic art direction to marketing development, trial by fire in the commercial world was his art school. Work outside of Oddworld flourished as well with many illustrations for fantasy and science fiction book covers, comic books, magazines, tattoos, snowboards, cds, or anything to feed his love of expression. He also continued to learn about the potential of art and storytelling from the teachings of visionaries such as Joseph Campbell and Alex Grey.[1]

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