Silence removes a minion's card text and eliminates any other effects present on the card. However, the minion can still have effects applied to it after.

  • If a minions is silenced, you can still buff it, including buffs that come from other minions, such as Dire Wolf Alpha, whose +1 attack to adjacent minions will renew immediately following a neighboring minion being silenced.
  • You can also place spell buffs on a minion after it has been silenced.
  • Silence will not reverse effects of ownership, such as a Mindcontrolled minion being returned to its original owner.
  • It does not reverse effects of card identity either, for example a Faceless Manipulator when silenced will not revert to its 3/3 form.
  • Silence will remove other spell effects cast by you or by your opponent, including freeze.
  • When a minion is silenced it returns to its original health if its current health is above its original health; however, if its current health is below its original health, its health will not change.
    • If the minion is affected by abilities that change its health without taking damage (such as Equality), it will return to its original health even if its current health is below its original health.
  • A card with the Silence ability removes all buffs and all effects (even those written on the card) from the target while the target remains in play.
  • The only way to reverse a silence is to put the card back into your hand and play it again via cards like Youthful Brewmaster or Shadowstep.

Below is a list of all cards with the silence mechanic.

  • Note: For the purposes of this list, only collectible cards are listed.

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