Spell is one of three card types in the game. Though classes such as Warriors and Rogues traditionally don't use spells, for the purposes of gameplay their abilities are classified as such.



Spells are cards that are cast with various abilities and then discarded after use.

They can be used to inflict damage, draw additional cards, give a minion additional attack and/or health, or even restore health to your hero.

All spells are class-specific, as there are no "neutral" spells, besides "The Coin" and a few spells from other sources such as Dream cards from Ysera, Spare Parts from Goblins vs Gnomes, Lesser Potion, Greater Potion, and Superior Potion from Kazakus, Un'Goro Pack from Elise the Trailblazer, and Death Knight cards from Arfus and The Lich King, available to all classes. See the below links to spell lists for each class:

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