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Standard Format is a game format of Hearthstone that allows you to only play from card sets released in the current or previous calendar year, as well as the Basic and Classic sets.

It was introduced with the release of Whispers of the Old Gods on April 26, 2016.


Random effects such as Murloc Knight, Summoning Stone or Journey Below will only give cards eligible in the standard format.

Going forward with the game, Standard will be used as the primarily used format for Tournament events as well as card balancing.

Standard can be used to identify the format itself, the cards contained in it, as well as the legal adventures within the format.

Game modes
AdventureArenaPracticePlay ModeRankedTavern Brawl
Competitive Game modes
Last Hero StandingConquest

Curse of NaxxramasBlackrock MountainThe League of ExplorersOne Night in Karazhan

Game Expansions
Goblins vs GnomesThe Grand TournamentWhispers of the Old GodsMean Streets of GadgetzanJourney to Un'GoroKnights of the Frozen ThroneKobolds & Catacombs

Card Types
MinionSpell (QuestSecret) ● Weapon

Classes / Heroes / Hero Powers
Druid / MalfurionHunter / Rexxar / AlleriaMage / Jaina / Khadgar / Medivh
Paladin / Uther / Liadrin / ArthasPriest / Anduin / TyrandeRogue / Valeera / Maiev
Shaman / Thrall / MorglWarlock / Gul'dan / NemsyWarrior / Garrosh / Magni

Gameplay Details
AbilitiesArmorAttackCollection ManagerDeckDurabilityHealthMana Crystal

Other Details
Card BackExpert PackDeck typesDeck RecipeGame boardsGolden card


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