The Stormpike clan is a respected dwarven clan, and are well known for their fine and discerning tastes. According to Brann the Stormpike clan have taken a liking to the Alterac Mountains and defend them fiercely against the trolls and orcs invading the area. By taking a few troll heads, the Stormpikes manage to form a close bond with Wildhammer dwarves.

Stormpike Commando is a minion for use by any class. For the cost of 5 ManaCrystalIcon, he will deal low damage to a target upon being summoned.

Notes Edit

  • Targets include enemy and friendly minions and heroes.
  • The golden version of this card is unlocked at level 51 with the paladin.
  • The original flavor text read: The Stormpike commandos run behind enemy lines to burn Frostwolf towers.

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