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Valeera Sanguinar

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Valeera Sanguinar
ManaCrystalIcon Mana Crystals: 0
Class: Rogue icon Rogue
Card Types: Hero
Deck: Basic
Hero Power: Dagger Mastery
 Health value back Health: 30
Rarity: Free
ArcaneDustIcon Disenchant: N/A
ArcaneDustIcon Create: N/A
ArcaneDustIcon Gold Disenchant: N/A
ArcaneDustIcon Gold Create: N/A
Artist: Glenn Rane

I heard the Horde is amassing its own army to head to Northrend. HOPEFULLY your Alliance and the Horde can focus on the real threat. You know, instead of each other?

Somehow I think that's unlikely to happen, if my experience here is any indication. Your people have been SO welcoming to me. <Valeera mutters angrily to herself.>


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